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Bed Bug Removal

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Finding bed bug bites on your body is alarming, which is why we provide a quick response and treatment that only takes one visit with instant results, with a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind. As opposed to traditional chemical bed bug exterminations that use toxic smoke and takes six long weeks before the biting finally stops, we specialise in bed bug heat treatments (we do also offer the former, but we find this is a longer less effective process).


The Puratak heat treatment solution uses a combination of heat, steam and spray to eradicate bed bugs in one hit so you can sleep easy. This page has lots of information about how we can quickly and safely eliminate your bed bugs. If you want to know more about bed bugs Pure Pest Solutions founder Tom Frost was interviewed on that very topic for BBC Radio Oxford. Why not listen?

Bed Bug Pure Pest Solutions
We talk Bed Bugs With BBC Radio Oxford

How to get rid of Bed Bugs fast: The Puratak System

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Bed Bug Diagram

Bed bugs and their eggs hide in beds and furniture causing bites, rashes and sleepless nights. Unlike traditional chemical and toxic smoke treatments, our no fuss safe solution not only kills live bugs but the eggs as well, with minimal preparation you can quickly get back to sleeping well, with no more bites!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Diagram

Scientists discovered by raising the temperature of a bed bug infested area to the 'kill zone' of between 50-70 degrees, bed bugs AND eggs are all killed instantly. In addition to using family friendly heat technology, our in-house Puratak system also uses pressured dry steam and a "crack and crevice" spray for a belt and braces approach. So the infestation is over in just one day, with a peace of mind 6 month warranty as well.

Have I got Bed Bugs?

Have you woken up after a night's sleep and found some bites on your body?  There could of course be another explanation for the bites or rash such as using a new washing powder or fleas from a pet or birds nest in a loft. However, it may be that unwanted bed bugs have infested. There are a few things you can do yourself to identify if you have an infestation. If you are not sure contact us today and we will be able to identify the type of pest by asking you a few simple questions over the phone. Remember we control all other pests as well as bed bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites Pest Control Pure Pet Solutions

The picture shows someone who has received some rather painful bed bug bites all over their body. It is not uncommon for one person sharing a bed to receive bites and the other not. This means the bed bugs are drawn to one person or simply bites do not show up on the other. Remember showing bites is a good thing, as then at least it identifies the problem so a bed bug extermination heat treatment can be started. New bed bug infestations can be quite hard to spot, so the thing to try and look for where possible would be blood spots. This is essentially the poo of the bed bug, which is dried blood.

What does a Bed Bug infestation look like?

You may not actually see live bed bugs as they creep out at night to feed and then hide in and around bedrooms and sofas. All is not lost.  Have a look at this video which shows an infested bed with dried blood spots. These spots are human dried blood that the bugs excrete. Initially your bed won’t have many, but these are the things to look for. Feel free to send any pictures you have of any bed bugs, spotting or something you suspect is a bed bug ( and we will happily verify it for you. Alternatively why not call now (0800 246 1716) for some FREE advice, even just to put your mind at rest!

Why use heat treatments for bed bug infestations?

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

Finding a bed bug infestation in your home or business can cause a real shock. It is important to understand that bed bugs do not transmit disease but they really can impact on sleep and cause serious reputational  damage to hotels and bed & breakfast establishments.  In time, health issues due to the amount of human blood they consume can occur, generally in older people.


Until now, technology has lagged behind in bed bug treatments, as only chemical solutions were available. These involve a lot of preparation such as washing all your clothes at 60 degrees and clearing most of the room.

Long before heat treatment technology had been developed Pure Pest Solutions undertook many bed bug exterminations using the traditional chemical methods. It is also important to understand bed bug eggs are waterproof. Subsequently, secondary sprays with toxic smoke bombs would be required weeks later to kill newly hatched eggs stopping the bites so you can sleep properly once again. Although generally successful after two treatments, due to the nature of bed bugs, we couldn't guarantee that the situation would be resolved.

The feedback from customers was that although they loved the service, the preparation required was extreme. For example, chemicals in the U.K. cannot be used on clothes so they all needed to be removed from the infected rooms and washed at 60 degrees. The same goes for anything that could be damaged by water such as books. Undertaking a bed bug preparation for a four bed house could literally take days only to be repeated again after 3 weeks.


The main advantages of heat treatments for bed bugs (apart from far less preparation due to the clothes not all needing washing) are the lack of chemicals, making it far safer and giving a quicker turnaround time. The environmentally friendly system starts with each affected room being steamed using a dry steam (5%) humidity. This attacks all life stages, even ones hidden away in walls. Diesel powered units heat infested areas to the required target temperature, known as the kill zone (between 50-70 degrees) safely drying all insects at all life stages - including eggs.

Temperature sensors attached to a data logger measure the temperature in infected areas throughout the heat treatment area to produce a temperature profile of the job in hand. Finally, a crack crevice spray is undertaken to ensure a safe bed bug heat treatment is undertaken in one day with a 6 month guarantee. Heat treatment gets real bed bug control fast, safely and effectively. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with your bed bug problem.

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