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Offices, Factories, Schools, Farms and Stables Pest Control

Pest control requirements come in all shapes and sizes. Larger sites (including anything from a local school to a large food processing site) all need a different approach in their pest control needs.


Below we give an insight into how we can help you keep providing your service level while providing all the necessary paperwork along the way. Each and every site is different, so we are more than happy to undertake a free site survey to identify the services you require. Get in touch today to find out more.


Pest Control

Office Pest Control

Many factors can have an impact on the level of pest control required in offices, such as the age of the building and if a canteen is present. Pests including rats, mice and fleas can cause great distress for staff or clients visiting the office.


Help is at hand in the form of monitoring and eradication, keeping both staff and customers happy.


Monitoring systems can be used to identify if or when rodent infestations are taking place. If an issue is noted, a control system will be undertaken to eliminate the issue.


Business owners are consulted once an infestation is controlled so that preventative measures can be undertaken.


Computers and electrical equipment are at high risk from gnawing rodents such as mice and rats, and could also pose a fire risk. A surprising number of office environments can have flea issues that are usually brought in by staff from their homes.


These uncomfortable pests can be dealt with quickly with minimal inconvenience to the day to day running.


Pure Pest Solutions undertakes the maintenance in many offices, not only in major cities and towns such as Reading and Oxford but also more rural areas such as Bicester.


Our coverage area includes Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Please get in touch for more information and a free no obligation quote.

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It is not unusual for stables and farms to have a number of pest issues that need monitoring and controlling. Due to the rural setting of most farms and stables, not to mention the abundance of feed required for animals, it is not surprising pest control is often needed. Our experience in this area of the industry has gained us many contracts across our coverage area.


Commonly, rats looking for feed can leave not only a mes,s but can frighten horses when seen. As well as prevention advice, we also undertake Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems for our customers.


This monitoring system identifies any issues that may not be instantly apparent. After all, rats spooking horses at night is not uncommon and can lead to increased anxiety in animals.


When vermin issues are reported, the appropriate level of pest control can be introduced. When bait is required, we can leave this in boxes that are horse proof.


In fact, we recommend putting in bait boxes even if no issues have come to light.  The reason being that if rodents do make their way to you, they will be used to the boxes, meaning a much quicker resolution can be sort.


Pest control in a stable environment is not only restricted to vermin. Being based in the countryside means that many other insects can cause problems.


An employee at a stable in Oxfordshire that we manage has a serious allergy to wasp stings (to the point she needs hospitalisation if stung). With this in mind, we ensure that we act urgently and attend the same day that one is found. Last year we tracked a hornet nest for removal for her safety.


Farm and Stable Pest Control

Farm and Stable Pest Control
Our Service

Free onsite surveys

EHO effective paperwork 

Confidential treatment and management

Contract and single use services

All pest and control issues covered including bid work

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Rural areas are likely to be prone to cluster flies in spring and autumn as they make their way from the fields into loft spaces and bay windows. ULV treatments can be applied for a quick resolution to any issues.


If you would like more information or some advice please feel free to get in touch by either leaving you detail in the box provided for a 15 minute call back or call 01865 238239. We operate throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

School and Hospital Pest Control

School and hospital Pest Control

Hospital and school pest management is of upmost importance. Effective pest control management is key to preventing the spread of some illnesses.


Health care centres are required by the NHS Health Care Commission to provide a safe, clean & hygienic environment for patients, staff and the general public.


With the massive daily influx of patients, visitors and staff, this job must be professionally undertaken.  Similar legislation operates in schools.


At Pure Pest Solutions, our strict systems and rapid responses to call outs ensure any hospitals or schools we manage are kept to a high standard.


Issues with rats, mice, cockroaches and other pests entering a facility need to be minimised, and when noted, quick action taken to eliminate and prevent future infestations.


Using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we provide a safe, effective and long-term solution to your pest problems. Remember, all of our pest controllers are CRB checked.


Other common issues we overcome include weevils, beetles, and moths. On discovering the issue, it is important, but not an easy task, to find where the particular insect is taking harbourage so a control method can be introduced.

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Factories require strict paperwork to adhere to health and hygiene regulations. Not only for the safety of staff, but also for the end user of the product.


At Pure Pest Solutions we maintain a number of large factory and warehouse sites and are always on hand if and when problems arise. Our contracted sites are in the major towns and industrial estates in our area such as Oxford, Banbury, Reading, Slough and Aylesbury.


Goods stored in warehouses can suffer irreversible damage through infestation and contamination. Constant monitoring can be undertaken not only for paperwork reasons, but so preventative action can be undertaken. Rats are a major concern.


Due to their constantly growing teeth, they gnaw on anything they can get to, leaving faeces in their wake.


Common issues we overcome are from weevils, beetles, and moths. We also have access to heat treatment if needed, offering a fast safe solution with destroying infected stock and insuring a quick turn around time so offline production lines are soon made good.


On discovering the issue, it is important, but not an easy task to find where the particular insect is taking harbourage so a control method can be introduced. Pest control in factories is an important task that Pure Pest Solutions are qualified to undertake. For more information call 01865 238239 or fill in the form to the right.

Factory and Industrial Pest Control

Factory and Industrial Pest Control
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We are always happy to talk through your needs as required. For more information call or fill in our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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