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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Extreme Decontamination Service


Coronavirus (Covid - 19), a flu type virus is now sweeping through the country leaving the nation in fear. This is especially true for those who are older with underlying health issues where catching the virus can lead to breathing issues and potentially death. To stop the spread of the infectious disease anybody with flu like symptoms has been asked to self isolate.  

As the inevitable spread occurs this leaves clear issues when it comes to virus cleaning both in the work place and at home. Pure Pest Solutions offer a disinfectant service to help with this.  

There are several reasons why you may need this service. Proactive viral decontamination in the home or work place includes wiping contact points and applying a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) mist into the air killing coronavirus germs in the area. Of course as the virus grows and more people become infected then your home may need a decontamination for coronavirus as well. More information is given below on the different types of service offered but feel free to ask any questions as we would be happy to help. We have also written a blog giving lots more information about the virus including simple tips of what you can do to stop the spread.

Coronavirus Decontamination options



One of the serious contact points for coronavirus transfer is in the work place. In a lot of retail and office roles it may not be possible to work from home. Keeping workers and customer safe is paramount. We can offer a daily or weekly disinfection service with either stage 1 and 2 or just stage 2:

Stage 1. A general decontamination of the contact areas including phones, walls, desks, tills and doorhandles

Stage 2. An airborne disinfectant mist is put into the air cleaning the whole space over the course of one hour killing the Coronavirus. 


This service is recommended daily but can be weekly and can consist of just the ULV Stage 2.

All extreme Coronavirus Cleaning follows government guidance 

In the home


The reality is there is a reasonable chance you may catch Coronavirus in the home making life very unpleasant. Generally the lower risk groups should in time recover however after coronavirus has struck the question is what can be done to remove it from the home? Pure Pest Solutions are offering the following coronavirus decontamination service, which can be done in full or part depending on your needs.

Part 1: Bedding is removed and bagged

Part 2: All Contact areas wiped with antibacterial industrial grade wipes throughout the property including beds, lounges and all door handles

Part 3: An antibacterial ULV mist is put into the air for one hour circulating killing any virus in the property 

Moving home

Covid 19

When moving into a new home be it rented or purchased, feeling safe that coronavirus is not there is very important. Pure Pest Solutions can undertake a full or partial decontamination of the area using the latest Exodus ULV machine. A top down clean and misting of the property will allow you to move into a new home with peace of mind. 

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