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Carpet and clothes moths, much like carpet beetle, can cause substantial pest control problems around the home. Take a look at the video taken in an Oxford cottage, it shows the damage to a carpet a moth infestation caused. But of course our carpet moth pest control treatments are not just undertaken in Oxford. Places such as Abingdon and Reading and Newbury all have the problem. The reason for moths coming into a home is generally due to central heating in modern homes providing perfect temperatures for a moths cycle.


How do Carpet/Clothes Moths and Beetles get into the home?

The million dollar question is how do carpet moths get into the home environment? Predominantly this is during the summer months when the general summer temperatures in the United Kingdom mean moths are free to roam. An open window perhaps with a light on will see moths flying in and making home. The damage clothes moths cause is usually more in the summer, however due to central heating systems used in winter it still can and does continue.

What causes the Damage?

Despite the name, the fully-grown beetle or moth does not cause damage to carpets. However during the larval stage of their life cycle large-scale damage can be caused to carpets as well as other fabrics. The grub stage of the life cycle feeds on natural fibres, not just carpet but also clothes around the home. They like to hide in dark places like under beds, and of course in your tasty clothes.

How to Get rid of Carpet  and Clothes Moth

Before calling in a carpet or clothes moth exterminator such as Pure Pest Solutions. There are things you can do to try and limit the infestation. Hoovering is your best friend. If you find some damage you think may be caused by a carpet moth infestation. Feel free to send us a picture and well will happily diagnose whether it is carpet moth or something else. Simply contact us and we will be happy to help. Hoovering everywhere even the uprights on stars will bring the numbers down. Remember to empty your hoover afterwards of course!

Vaccum Cleaner

We do tend to find following a good hoover, a treatment from us can help give the moths a push out the door. Once booked, your pest controller will initially ascertain the location of the moth or beetle infestation. An insecticide treatment will then be carried out covering infested areas and where they could move too. Note that we will talk you through the process when treating and preparing clothes. Finally a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) misting will be undertaken to kill the live moths. The principle is that the chemical keeps working on hatching moth eggs, remember it's the larval stage that causes the damage not the moths. The moth's sole purpose is to lay more eggs. This can generally be carried out in one treatment as we use the most up to date techniques. Every moth situation is different and we are happy to talk yours through. Contact us now for more information.