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Rodents come in all shapes and sizes. At Pure Pest Solutions we understand unwanted guests in the home and garden can cause real problems. Having a rat in the kitchen means you need a fast response from a pest control company you can trust. Our aim is to stop rat and mouse problems for good. To do this we have a lot of tools at our disposal including a drain camera for surveys identify ingress points from rats in sewers, a common and growing issue.

Rat and Mice Pest Control

Rat or mouse problems in your home, garden or workplace can be a frightening prospect. They can come in the form of scratching from the roof or a rat in the kitchen. Apart from the risk of diseases such as Weill’s being passed on through urine, many of us simply don't feel comfortable sleeping with rodents running around getting up to mischief and eating our food. Don’t worry if you are not sure which guest you have in your house. Your pest controller will be able to work this out when assessing your property.


The most common rat we have in the United Kingdom is the brown rat, or Rattus Norvegicus in Latin. Generally but not always they are found to be living in attics, this gives them harbourage away from the elements. Although their life expectancy is only one year, in that time a pair of rats can produce 200 more, eating each other when there is no food source. When not enjoying a spot of cannibalism, they commonly find food and water in drains, giving them an opportunity to leave quite a mess when they re-enter you home. Other food sources could be from your garden. Your pest controller will be able to establish this when visiting.

Listen to our BBC Radio Oxford Interview about rats Chewing Cables

On your initial visit the pest controller will outline the food source, nest and water supply. Depending on the situation your pest controller will agree a course of action to eradicate the issue. At his disposal are an array of gadgets such as cameras, bait and traps. Unlike other pest control companies our goal is to not only treat the current issue but to ascertain how they are entering the property and where possible we will seal the entry so the issue genuinely goes away (we do point out we are not builders so some holes may be too big but we will advise what to do on our full reports you receive on each visit). We really understand rats in the kitchen or loft can really be frightening. Or success rate is very high, just see our reviews!

Sometimes rats enter your home or business through the sewers, a one-way valve can be fitted in the sewer system so that once the rats have left the property they won’t be able to return. Please note there must be clear manhole access to the sewer system for your technician to carry out the works. We are approved rat wall installers and always happy to talk through your rat or mouse problem. Call now for advice and to call a stop to your rodent issue.


There are generally two types of mice which cause issues within the home. These being field and house mice. As the name suggests, field mice spend most of their time in fields but use lofts and other warm spaces as temperatures drop in the wintertime. House mice spend all of their time living in warm spaces in the home such as lofts as opposed to the fields during the summer. They both enjoy eating and gnawing anything they can put their paws on in your kitchen. The first thing to remember is to keep worktops tidy and food in plastic containers so as to not provide them with food. You pest controller will advise on this when assessing the property.

On your initial visit the pest controller will outline the type of mouse, food source and nest areas. In addition to setting up some initial bait, a camera monitoring the mice’s behaviour may be installed. Apart from providing some home video the tape, when viewed during the second visit, will outline the entrances the mice use. This invaluable information will not only aid in where to apply the bait but more importantly will outline how the rodent is gaining entrance to your property. 

Remember unlike other pest control companies where possible we will always seal the entry holes so the problem doesn't happen again.


We understand your rodent pest problem can cause real anxiety. Why not let us take care of it? We look forward to hearing from you. 

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