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Bird Pest Control: Proofing, Netting, Spiking and Cleaning


Pure Pest Solutions has a dedicated bird team working providing solutions in the home and large commercial and public sites. No job really is too large or small. The services we provide vary from proofing of areas where during the spring and summer birds have historically nested, or removing feral pigeons and deep cleaning the area. Undertaking larger projects such as town halls, shops or football stadiums are also no problem. Some bird pest control issues can be rectified using spike systems that stop roosting or nesting where not required.


Birds do provide much joy as they form part of nature. However unfortunately in certain situations, and with some bird species, health hazards can occur. Generally these problems are to do with pigeons, starlings or seagulls who when nesting make a mess and more seriously can damage buildings, signage and not to mention the noise they can make when you or guests are trying to rest. Starlings among other birds nesting in your roof can disturb all summer. We recommend proofing against starlings in winter before spring when they nest. This is because starlings are protected (as are most birds when nesting).

It is also important to remember that in those nasty droppings, Salmonella can be found in 70% of the pigeon population. When considering bird proofing work, remember many birds are protected and so getting advice is always recommended. 

Extrem Bird Clean and proof
Before a extreme bird clean
Vandalised bird netting to be repaired
Keeping the birds out before spring
Bird Door proofed
Bird Access. Not for Long

We are of course happy to attend and discuss your requirements in person at no cost to you. All work is guaranteed and including netting and spiking  to keep birds out and deep cleans to clear sites where our feathered friends have made a mess. All work is in line with health and safety guidelines and also we are proud to say no harm comes to birds during and after our work.

Contact us now to discuss your needs and arrange a FREE site visit on    01865 238 239 or email

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