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Service industries providing food, drink and accommodation must ensure they have adequate pest control. After all one bad review from a disgruntled customer who was bitten by a bed bug or saw a rat really can destroy a hard-won reputation. Pure Pest Solutions has many customers in this industry and continue to expand through our strong customer service ethic while helping our customers achieve a 5* food hygiene rating.

Bed Bugs Hotel | Pure Pest Solutions

A common issue in hotels are bedbug infestations, although not the fault of the establishment, it needs quick action to stop the spread between rooms. Our prompt discrete bed bug response will minimise reputation damage and get the room back in action quickly. Also at our disposal is heat treatment equipment meaning no chemicals are needed so turn around time on dealing with the pest problem is even quicker. Other services we offer include sniffer dog detection, we know our customers like to have these options in their back pocket just in case!


Vermin pest control problems are not simply a visual issue for guests. Rats and mice carry many serious diseases that when passed on cause big health problems. Not to mention if any evidence is found of infestation by environmental health can enforce closure. Our integrated pest management solutions mean constant monitoring can be undertaken so the issue will never arise.

Food Hygiene Hotel | Pure Pest Solutions

Commonly in summer flies around kitchens, apart from not being aesthetically pleasing for customers they can represent a serious health and hygiene issue as they spread disease. To control these issues we recommend an EFK (Electronic Fly Killer) be installed along with fly screens if need be. At Pure Pest Solutions we undertake the install and servicing of the machines, always calling in when most suitable for you the customer.

 We are always happy to talk through your needs as required. For more information call or fill in our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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