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Block Management, Landlord and Letting Agent Pest Control

Letting Agent Pest Control

As a letting agent or block management company, a discreet and fast reacting pest control service is essential. A new tenant discovering an infestation of fleas or other vermin can cast a bad shadow on a letting agent or landlord and could potentially breach a tenancy agreement.


Pure Pest Solutions have understandings with letting agents  and block management companies across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire as well as other places and include household names on our books.


We understand that block management companies need coverage not just in big cities like Oxford or Reading but towns and villages as new build estates are forming in many places.

​Pest issues discovered after a tenant has moved out can be expensive to put right and leave the property empty during treatment. That is why at Pure Pest Solutions we operate a 24-hour response call out policy so things can be remedied quickly.


We consider ourselves an extension of your business making sure we arrive on time, and usually on the same day you call us.


All our technicians are fully trained, presentable and offer great customer service. We also understand that every letting agent is different in the way they operate.


Some require us to run all communications through them, and others prefer us to deal with the tenant from start to finish. Whichever way you operate, we are always happy to oblige.

Land Lord Pest Control

The 'same day pest control issues' we deal with include wasp nests, cockroaches, mice, rats, and fleas. You can always rely on your dedicated pest controller to be courteous to all tenants and work quickly to keep everyone's reputation intact. We also offer precautionary and preventative treatments in the case of tenants leaving a property where they kept an animal.


A fumigation and certificate of being flea free can then be offered to new tenants and landlords. Finally, sometimes some advice regarding a problem is needed. We are always happy to offer this at any time. If you would like more information please feel free to enter your details in the box or call 01865 238239.

There are many stakeholders involves in estate and block management. It is integral that block management companies receive not only a quick service but the reporting is of high standard to inform the directors of the site. To that end our reports are detailed and include pictures to explain what we have done, and future steps as required. 

We are always happy to talk through your needs as required. For more information call or fill in our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Service

Price lists provided

Full emailed reports for due diligence 

Confidential treatment and management

Contract and single and block use services

All pest and control issues covered including bid work

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