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A mole in your garden can very quickly cause a lot of damage to other lawns and flowerbeds. A quick response is needed to catch this pest as soon as possible and to stop the molehill numbers growing. Mole trapping pest control is something we have a lot of knowledge on. Our method uses traps that quickly get to the bottom of the problem in your lawn or flowerbed. We cover Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire (this includes popular mole gardening expeditions such as Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford and Reading). Find out more on this page about moles and how we trap them or get in touch now to talk through your mole hill problem.

Mole Pest Control

As much as moles (Talpa Europea) try to be unobtrusive below the ground, unfortunately the damage they do to foliage and lawns makes them a pest that needs to be dealt with. Apart from the infamous molehills, made up of excess soil from digging a network of tunnels, the tunnels themselves can cause a tripping hazard if and when they collapse under you.


When not looking for food, the generally solitary creatures dig two types of tunnel. The first is immediately beneath the surface by males looking for females in the breeding season (from February to June). The second are between 5-20cms beneath the surface and are mostly for feeding. The tunnels can be several hundred meters long - that’s a lot of ruined garden!


The solitary creatures need controlling and that is where Pure Pest Solutions can step in to quickly eradicate the issue. Your pest controller will carry out a minimum of two visits to your property. The first will involve a full appraisal of the situation including the extent of the damage and a report on how we will put things right. Finally an appropriate  number of traps will be safely set in the ground to humanely kill the offending moles. On his return he will then collect the traps with the deceased moles and remove them. If it appears likely there are more, the traps will be reset and another visit paid shortly after to  eradicate the pest.  This can be a repetitive process depending on the extent of the problem.

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We understand your mole pest problem can cause real anxiety, let alone damage to your lawn. Why not let us take care of it? Remember we are Trading Standards Approved, something we are very proud of as it shows you can trust us to catch your moles safely and honestly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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