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Moths Damaging Carpets Across the Land

If you have seen some small moths, perhaps on your walls in your house or flying up from the carpet when you step on it, you may be surprised to hear that unfortunately, although harmless when sitting on your wall, these moths can very easily cause substantial damage to your nice naturally made carpets. The damage is done when they are in the maggot phase as the lava eats the fibres in the carpet causing big holes. Once the moth itself is flying around, the damage is already done. Look at the video below as an example of a carpet that has had extensive damage over two years. Want more info? Our dedicated moth page tells all.

The damage is much worse where the furniture was, as carpet eating insects much like moths, fleas and bed bugs like to hide in the dark areas beneath chairs and tables. It’s not all bad news as when caught early, before any damage is done, a treatment can save the day. We use a spray called Ficam W throughout the entire property and attacking all areas that they like to live. Finally, and with equal importance, a ULV (ultra low volume) machine is also used spreading a fine mist to get into cracks and crevices. This should just need one treatment but can require two. If you would like to know more then please get in touch. Have a great pest free week!

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