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Rats and Mice Pest Control in Abingdon Explained

In this series of blogs I will be focusing on specific towns throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and the pest control problems that they attract. For this blog I will be focusing on Abingdon on Thames, predominately on the rat and mice problems that arise deep in the heart of this Pure Pest Solutions covered town. I will be giving some help on what you can do to get rid of your rodent pest control problem.

Abingdon is a lovely market town in the heart of Oxfordshire that unfortunately as with many older towns has a problem with various rodent pests. Rats and mice have been known to cause problems mostly due to the age of the sewer system throughout Abingdon. This has meant rodents like rats have had the opportunity to grow in numbers deep down in the drains. They can easily find their way through to your home when building works have been done, for example, in kitchens and bathrooms through drainage systems that have not been capped properly.

This is compounded by a number of ‘secret’ tunnels that run underneath Abingdon built in medieval times to connect various buildings. Of course Abingdon is famously on the River Thames and wherever you get water it is easy for rats and mice to live and prosper. If you have rats or mice in your property and would like some more information on pest control solutions then please click here: Why not check out our latest advert on getting rid of unwanted house guests below?

Although rats like to live in sewer systems and may need rat killing solutions in place, mice can also cause problems. Generally there are two types of mice found in Abingdon. The first and most infamous is the traditional house mouse. These may not show themselves but their droppings will be the size of a grain of rice, giving a good clue that they are around. Before you break out the mouse poison or mouse repellent, find out which type of mouse you have as field mice will also find their way in when food is more sparse on the fields nearby to Abingdon, as well as the temperature dropping, when they look for warmer places.

Where possible, it is a good idea instead of using a mouse killer such as mouse poison, to block their entry so the problem is solved. Below is a video which outlines a simple technique to stop mice and rats coming into your house or business.

If you need any more information on rats and mice pest control in Abingdon, or anywhere in the world, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pure Pest Solutions. Simply follow this link which gives more information. Remember Pure Pest Solutions cover all types of pests in Abingdon but also across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire including heat treatments for bed bugs. Advice on the phone is completely free, have a pest free week!

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