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Birds Nesting Causing Sleepless nights?

Birds nesting in a roof space over the summer months can be music to the ears for some people. However the early morning tweeting can cause too many early starts for others. Typically House Martins and Starlings are the culprits for the distraction. They start to make nests in the spring time to generate their young.

Once the scratching, tweeting and nesting has started, Starlings and House Martins are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Click Here for more info.). The only way to stop the pest control issue is to proof the areas that the birds may nest in. The best time for this is just before the spring time before the birds are present.

At Pure Pest Solutions we undertake a lot of this type of proofing in January, February and March each year. An example is shown where birds were causing a nuisance the year before in a dormer window. We noted the entry points under the facia of the window. These can sometimes be identified by bird droppings around them.

Once the entry points have been found, our role is to make the area good. To do this we use a combination of wire wool, bird mesh, bird spikes and bird netting. Where possible we will also seal the areas with sealant once the work is done. We find the results are very good and stop the problem coming back. It is important to understand that birds often return to the same places; it is what they have done for generations.

In some situations, pigeons roosting causes a health and safety hazard within the workplace. A good example is the canopy below shown on the video. The canopy is an access area for workers and forklift trucks. The bird droppings were deemed too much and therefore it was decided to net off the area. As the video shows, after the installation is complete, everything is very neat and tidy and the netting is built to last. The customer was very happy with the approach and execution of this bird proofing. The positive here is that the birds are only moved on rather than destroyed which is considered better for the environment and our environmental risk assessment. In some instances bird culling is required - this is also something that we can do. More information on bird pest control solutions can be found here on our website.

If you have any pest control bird control issues, or would like to discuss the proofing options available on your property or business premises, please do get in touch. We will be happy to find the best pest control bird solution for your needs. In the mean time let’s hope for us all in the United Kingdom summer brings sun and not the rain it sometimes can!


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