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Rats coming through the Drains? The simple Pest Control answer!

As winter comes, the cold weather means that rats and mice like to come inside homes across the UK. You may notice due to a scratching coming from the ceiling or a rat in the kitchen looking at you. The entry points for rats and mice in the home can be something obvious such as some ivy growing up the side of the house or an old air brick that has rusted through. Remember rats need three things:

1: Harborage

2: Water

3: Food

A tiny hole is all that’s needed to get the unwanted rodents in your home. Once there it’s important to deal with them quickly. At Pure Pest Solutions we have a lot of experience working in cities such as Oxford undertaking rat and mice pest control. We find drains can commonly be a factor in how rodents have gained entry to a property. The reason can be a recent extension where a drain was not capped or simply old worn drains. Although rats rarely come up toilets they can get into the house causing problems.

Once a problem is spotted the usual options of baiting to get rid of them can be used. However there is also another way…..

When rats come from the sewers rodenticide can be used but this may not stop the problem returning in the future. There is a way to stop the problem without any baiting at all. This is simply by fitting a non-return valve. As rats need to leave where they live at least once a day to drink they pass through the valve on the way out but can’t get back through on their return. Simple yet affective.

There are different types such as the Ratwall as shown on the picture. We find these don't block but also are sturdy and unlike non-return valves of old they don't get chewed through. We fit a lot of non-return valves and are approved Ratwall installers so if you have a rat problem we first diagnose if it is the drains and then we can install a non-return valve stopping the rodent problem in its tracks. If you think you have rats. Why not call for some advice?


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