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Pure Pest Founder gives BBC Interview on why spiders are invading our houses!

Pest control in the home changes with the seasons. As Summer fades away, Autumn brings insects that have been out in the fields in the warmer weather into our home. A prime example is spiders appearing from nowhere. We have undertaken an interview with BBC Radio Oxford covering these topics, complete with the Spiderman theme tune.

You can have a listen to this below, or of course ask us any questions that you may have by getting in touch ( or 01865 238239). The main reason why you find spiders in your house is due to the male coming inside to find a mate. They are generally pretty harmless, as unlike other countries such as Australia, we don't have the nasty spiders that can be dangerous. That being said, spiders can generally bite but don't cause much of an ongoing problem.

The question most people ask is what can you do to stop the spiders, or at least get rid of them? Well, the simplest way is to use a hoover and gather up all cobwebs etc in the property. It is of course really important to remember to empty your hoover otherwise all the spiders will be living in there quite comfortably.

To prevent the spiders coming in it is important to seal any cracks around your house and move any pots or bricks that may run along the side of the property where they hide. There is of course another side to all of this in that spiders form an excellent service. Remember they are free pest control as they eat other insects that fly into their webs. These include clothes moths and of course the dreaded bed bug. So before spiders get a bad reputation once again, spare a thought to the good things they can do. If you have any problems or would like advice on anything pest control related, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we are sure to be able to advise you on what you can do to prevent or deal with the problem ( Many thanks for reading and until next time, why not listen to that Spiderman theme tune again. We wish you a pest free week!


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